Yes, they got me again. Another dark time in a dungeon locked up.

But then there was a Christmasmiracle: By the immeasurable ' grace ' of the authority one of us 864 prisoners should get free after the holy celebrations, at the beginning of the new earthyear. Some minutes was given to find a way into freedom. However- it was upon me to get released ...

You see the stonewall? Yeah,that was the former liedungeon.
- The A round holes inside the walls,for what...?
Liedungeon: The prisoners have to put their heads trough the hole, and lie there day and night... Uah, terrible -away from here! ...maybe not always reachable - the number was one more than the amount of the upcoming forts
My steps steered me towards SW - it was only a short way up to B strange trees. Does not specify me on the exact data, if you see the fort you know where I came at that time, and dreamed from something far away. I played Diogenes equivalent next door.

- ' You mean the philosopher Diogenes from whom told he...... ' -

Yes, exactly - I hid myself there until finally the secret travel route came to me:
' Go GRN meters toward (S-G)RN Gradum, where you find a three-part sculpture '
So i did, and left at the exit the decrypt numbers GNRS....and so on at one end of my hiding place . (Siged this with PR at the end - special code for possible further escaper ). However the checksum of the first 5 numbers, is also important for you. it will probably called C if I slowly understand your way to proceed .
-' Aargh- this knights with their enormous amount of letters,numbers...' -

Hehe, you never heard from Ritter Edgar IX ? He used sometimes nearly the whole ABC... After I reached the place, and was halfway dry again, i thinked: What mean this to me ? Nearly under obligation i take one step up, then another... And now I am to jump? ' No Geo Cacher - look into the near future ( or in this special cause to the place directly in front of you) ' a inner voice spoke to me. So i discovered D places of rest. And then I dared the jump.. Succeeded and in wind hurry I disappeared in the nearly jungleful area at that time.

'Welcome to the Jungle! -So you mean the rest places directly before or beside you, not behind you or further away? And you told me of a legacy ?'

- You got it. I believe it belonged to the place of the sculpture. And the legacy? Oh,: Take the northcoordinate and pull off of it: (A+B)* C + A - also take off from the eastcoordinate: D+B)*D + C*(C-A) . So you may feel the power of this legacy, and you perpetuate as representatives of your guild!

Original Content : Logbook.Pencil, Geocache note (this leave therein!) further: Medals for 3 Premiumfinder (your choice!!) , TB knight Geo Cacher, black knight, marbles

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