A mole is used as a breakwater and a harbour wall, which is often expanded on the protected inside as a dock for boats and ships.

Today eastern mole is an extension of the earlier, short and wedge-shaped pier, and the marina Hohe Düne is situated at the east side.

It wears a light beacon on the pier head, just like the western pier on the other side of the harbour entrance. This facilitates incoming ships the entrance to the port of Rostock.
Today's 12m tall form with red tower (red = port side, left when entering) was built in 1998.

The cache position is at the end of the east mole. It is not at ground level, not between the stones und of course not in the water.

Coming from Warnemünde, you could take the ferry from N54° 10.602 E012° 5.550 to N54° 10.604 E012° 5.866. The passage costs:

Pedestrians 1.30 EUR
Bicycles 1.00 EUR
Motorbike 2.50 EUR
passenger car + driver 3.00 EUR (car to 4m length, otherwise 0.50 EUR more)

The ferry crosses the stream every 20-30 min. Near to the eastern side there is also a parking lot.

There is also a geocache at the west mole on the opposite side:

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameWarnemünde Ostmole
HintSurrounded by metal
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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