Dear geocachers,

We want to use this geocache to show you Telfs. This market town in the upper Inntal valley combines a vibrant cultural life with the original traditional elements of Tyrolean towns. The entire circuit takes around two hours.

A sign will show you the way

N 47° 18.661
E 011° 04.557

Here you see a ground mark indicating a speed limit. Divide this number by 6 and note the result as A.


A park in the centre of Telfs

N 47°18.514
E 011° 04.524

The Widumanger is a well-tended garden with a play area. At the coordinates indicated you will find a piece of art made of metal. How many pillars are interconnected here? Write the number down as B.


Parish church

N 47° 18.528
E 011° 04.417

The church door is decorated with a very special pattern. How many hemispheres can you count? Write down the number as C.



N 47° 18.454
E 011° 04.493

The path continues past the birthplace of Anton Zoller (N 47° 18.494 E 011° 04.460), a painter who created numerous baroque frescoes and altarpieces. You will finally arrive at a well. How many animals is Jesus carrying on his shoulders? Write the number down as D.



A view of the carnival museum

N 47° 18.428
E 011° 04.395

From your location you can see the Noaflhaus, the combined local museum and carnival museum of the market town of Telfs. On the facade you will see some very large letters. Count them, add 4, and call this number E.


At the Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz (Eduard Wallnöfer square)

N 47° 18.428
E 011° 04.338

You are now in a big place. Look up, count the coats of arms you see here and divide the number by 2. Note the result as F.


A hidden monastery

N 47° 18.447
E 011° 04.263

Here you will find a very nondescript sign marking the entrance of a monastery. Count the letters on the sign and call this number G.


Prof. Einberger memorial

N 47° 18.502
E 011° 04.178

Born in Kramsach, painter and sculptor Prof. Andreas Einberger settled in Telfs in 1919. When was Professor Einberger born? Write the number of the month down as H.



N 47° 18.725
E 011° 03.997

How many round streetlights line the path to the sports field (Waypoint 1: N 47° 18.780 E 011° 03.950)? Add 2 and write the number down as I.


You will find the treasure at

N 47° (G-D).(E-D)(C+A)
E 011° 03.(H-F)(I+D)(B+D)

© sonnenplateau,, CC-BY-NC-ND; all log entries © their authors

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameTelfs hat viele Gesichter
HintIn der Steinmauer
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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