No cache is worth to risc your health!

My grandfather once told me the story about the three musketeers.

Known as Athos, Porthos, Aramis and the candidate d’Artagnan. They had many adventures and were loyal to the queen of France. Most often they argued with fists or epees with the guards of the catholic Cardinal Richelieu.
Porthos had become old and was granted the Chevalier du Vallon de Bracieux et de Pierrefondse. He lives at the starting-coordinates on his possessions and is a bored widower. But he used to be a bon vivant and had visited the queen at night. The guestbooks do proof that Porthos met up 3x in the Rue du nord 47.xxp but zero times at the Gare de l'est 26.xxp.

What to do? Every musketeer knows a little secret about the queen's hiding-place. In the beginning they seem weak but the more they are, the harder it is to challenge them and the easier to unreveal the queen's secret.

Bus: Line 5, step off at "Ballastbrücke"

View the ratings for this cache Bus stop NO wheelchair! NO high-heels!

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16.03.2018 (16.03.2018)
Cache nameMusketiere: Porthos
HintLone tree
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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