there are many traditional caches around the "Wasserkuppe", so it's time for a webcam-cache.

at the given coordinates you will find yourself opposite of the "shopping-mile".
the cam is located at the upper right corner of the building.

Wasserkuppe Webcam

actually the cam ist active 12 minutes after every full hour.
the cam saves an hourly picture so you can place yourself in front of the camera and retrieve the pic at home (same day!).

but this is unreliable. the well known method (someone at home saves the picture) ist recommend!
on the picture you can see sitting on my motorcycle at the exit of the parking-lot.
just place yourself remarkable in front of the camera.

please check the weather conditions BEFORE you go to the "wasserkuppe". sometimes its very misty. otherwise there can be excellent weather uphill while you have terrible fog in the valley.

the "wasserkuppe" with hight 950m (3116ft) is THE paradise for paragilders and gilders. since the beginning of manned flight the unique location played a profundly role in development and testing gliders (or what people called so in the past).
after second world war, as development of motor-aircraft has been prohibited, all relevant development for gliders was made at "wasserkuppe".
due to the unique topography with extraordinary big hillsides and the excellent winds "wasserkuppe" is the perfect starting point for gilders and paragliders. of course there is an air-school for interested people (glider/paraglider).

but "wasserkuppe" has more! hotel, restaurant, glider-museum, service for traveler and visitors. a walk around the "wasserkuppe" is recommend. on clear air the sight is impressive, even the view around is very nice.
in summer visitors will be invited by two toboggan-runs, in winter there's an ski-run.
if you want climb higher than 950m (3116ft), look at the "rhoen" from above. do a sightseeing flight.
the "wasserkuppe" is also an well used stop for motor-bikers on a trip through the "rhoen"

More: (german)

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