The Nordbahntrasse is a former railway-track, converted into a route for pedestrians, bikers, rollerbladers… To say it with the words of the planners of the Nordbahntrasse:

From west to east, the Nordbahnstrasse covers almost 23 kilometers across the Wuppertal urban area. It connects the conurbations of Vohwinkel, Elberfelds and Barmens. Like a string of pearls, there are numerous attractions and sights along the route.

Some of these attractions, but also little things along the way you have to find an to take a closer look at.

It does not matter if you start at S01 or S14, you have to take the route long... The final is located in the western quarter of the route.

Some sections of the route lead through a nature reserve, official routes and can not (and don't need to) be left there at any time.

How it works:

What you need for this cache is the Nordbahntrassen-Roadbook.

Attention: As the Geocache-owner I assure that this this file is save. I wasn‘t proofed by a reviewer or the owner of the website. You do the download on your own risk.

Now you have the choice:
1.: Print out the Roadbook, or
2.: Download it on your smartphone or tablet-pc
and walk or ride along the Nordbahntrasse.

At the given waypoints you’ll have to look for one of the photos and note the number on it, according to the waypoint.
If there is an additionally clue, you note the questioned number.
With these determined Numbers you can calculate the final or can bear it from a given position. The combination for the lock at the container is also calculated with the given data.

Please note: This is a Letterbox-hybrid!
Please let the Stamp and Stamp-pad in the Cache, these are no exchange-objects! They are just to mark your own stamp-book.

© Nekromiko,, CC-BY-NC-ND; all log entries © their authors

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21.11.2017 (21.11.2017)
Cache nameDie Nordbahntrasse
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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