Dear geocachers!

The Lacke viewpoint provides a wonderful view over the Sonnenplateau and large parts of the Inntal valley. There is now finally a multicache that takes you past the Lehnberghaus to the Lacke. The path from the paid car park (visitors with a Gäste.Card from Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte will receive a free parking ticket from their landlord or at the TVB office) to the treasure takes around 1.5 hours of pure walking time. The Lehnberghaus offers refreshments on the way back down. The Lacke viewpoint is located at about 1,700 meters above sea level and you move in alpine terrain, so sturdy footwear is highly recommended in any season.

You can leave your caching vehicle at the following parking coordinates:

N 47° 18.751
E 010° 54.175


On the way

You can find the first clue to the treasure at:

N 47° 18.868
E 010° 54.172

How many knives do you see? Add 1 and make a note of the number as A.


Bridge over the stream

Follow the forest stream and you will find a bridge at the following coordinates:

N 47° 19.275
E 010° 54.957

Count the pillars supporting the bridge railings and write down that number as B.


Hidden wall

A short distance from the path you will find a small structure with a metal door.

N 47° 19.654
E 010° 55.375

In how many rows are the ventilation holes arranged in the door? Write down the number as C.


A little red man at the edge of the woods

If you continue to follow the path you will find a little red man with a red head and a silver foot at the following coordinates.

N 47° 19.708
E 010° 55.540

Count the letters of the word written on it in large lower-case letters and write this down as D.


The Lacke is within your grasp

Here you will find a signpost to the Lacke.

N 47° 19.688
E 010° 55.910

To how many alternative destinations does this path lead? Write down the number as E.


The treasure's hiding place

You will find the treasure at:

N 47° E(D+A).BAC
E 010° DB.(D-E-A)(C+E)(C-E-A/2)

Congratulations! After successfully finding the treasure you will finally have time to enjoy the amazing view through the oversized picture frame down into the valley. The Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte area stretches out below you. Do you see the ski jump in Stams? Or the Barwies forest swimming pool? And you are sure to recognise the Mieming Golf Park.

© sonnenplateau,, CC-BY-NC-ND, as of 09/12/2016; all log entries © their authors

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameDer gerahmte Blick
HintRotes Männlein ist ein Hydrant Schatz: Im Wurzelstock unter einem großen Stein.
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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