Dear geocachers!

Rietz is a municipality in the central upper Inn valley distinguished by its large number of churches and chapels. The parish church and pilgrimage church high above Rietz in particular mark the image of the village. The cache takes you on a lovely walk around the town.

The best thing to do is to park your caching vehicle at the following coordinates:

N 47° 17.134
E 011° 02.438

Mair’s Beerengarten (berry garden)

The first clue takes you to Mair's Beerengarten A veritable fruit paradise awaits you here from June to October. A huge variety of sweet fruit is available, as are fine schnapps and liqueurs as well as delicious juices. Which fruit is depicted on the lanterns in the car park? Write down the corresponding number as A.

N 47° 17.195
E 011° 02.524

Strawberries = 5

Pears = 9

Grapes = 4


Rietz Fire Brigade

The volunteer fire brigade has existed for more than 130 years. When exactly was it founded? Write down the sum of the digits of the year as B.

N 47° 17.225
E 011° 02.011


Kreuzkirche (Church of the Holy Cross)

The Church of the Holy Cross is one of three churches in Rietz and, therefore, part of the reason it is called the village of churches. How often has the church been renovated? Double this number and write down the number as C.

N 47° 17.300
E 011° 01.655


Places of power

This particular spot is an invitation to catch your breath. How many stone pillars surround the well? Write down the number as D.

N 47° 17.150
E 011° 01.706



Your path to the cache leads past a small roadside chapel. Take the sum of the digits of the number above the entrance, subtract 11 and write down the result as E.

N 47° 17.022
E 011°01.849


Pilgrimage church dedicated to St. Anthony


The pilgrimage church of St. Anthony towers over Rietz, offering a beautiful view over the town. The renowned Calvary of Rietz is located on the rear of the church. Alongside numerous shrines, you will find various smaller chapels such as the War Memorial Chapel, the Ölberg Chapel and the Chapel of the Holy Cross. You will find your next clue on the north side of the pilgrimage church. How much time passed between the construction of the church and the beginning of its first major renovation? Write down the sum of the digits of the number as F.

N 47° 16.950
E 011° 02.055

F =

You will find the cache at

N 47° (C+E).(A+F)(C-F)(E+F-C)

E 011° (E-C-A)(F-D).(B-C+A)(A+F)

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameDas Kirchendorf Rietz
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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