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There are no more many places in Warsaw, where it is possible to hear a cockerel crow in the morning. This is one of them. And the street has even a very adequate name. It is really worth to come here (but not after the rain - the ground surface of the street change into mud then). It is possible that this one of last enclaves of the village inside the city would be absorbed by new settlements.

The street used to be longer than today, actually it had to fragments, on both sides of the railway track. The second part ran down to Dywizjonu 303 street – today this fragment does not exist anymore, it was taken by S8 motorway (the cache it situated somewhere in the area of this no-longer-existing part of the street). Also many small houses which used to stand at the street disappeared when S8 motorway was constructed. Today there are only 3 houses at this street.

This cache has two stages, it will be necessary to walk a few hundred metres.

Point 1 – a virtual one, at existing part of the ‘title’ street, in the place under the coordinates. You have to note down an unusual number of the house (Google StreetView and Norc did not come here, it is necessary to check yourself at the place ! Add digit 6 at the end and proceed the operation you will get. Then add 4,00606 and note the result as a decimal fraction: A,BCDEF.

Point 2 – its coordinates are: N 52° CA.DBB' E 20° EE.CFE'. You will find the cache here.

This geocache description comes from the Opencaching.PL site.

Log entries
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22.11.2017 (22.11.2017)
Cache nameBardzo nie-miejska ulica
Hintchoose thirteenth from the right
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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