This cache is hidden on the view tower of the Bärenberg (Bear Mountain), 600 meters above sea level. If the weather is fine, you will enjoy one of the most spectacular scenic views of this region. You can see the Egge Mountains in the north-west, the Wilhelmshöhe (William's Height) in the east, and many smaller mountains in the south. The A44 motorway is peacefully roaring below.

You can park your car here:
N51 21.806 E9 16.689
This is a car park for hikers. Although it is close to the motorway, it is far away from a motorway exit. I also could not find a way to reach the cache from the motorway parking area called Bärenberg. The car park is signposted in Zierenberg here:
N51 21.925 E9 17.568
From the car park it is 250 meters up to the cache. The horizontal distance from the car park to the cache is about 2 km. On the way to the cache you might have a bad GPS reception. But this does not matter because there is only one way to the cache: the way up. The path to the cache is in an excellent state.
The cache is hidden on the platform of the view tower in a steel girder close to the stairs. I added a spoiler picture. Beware of muggles!

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameBärenberg
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