GPS will lead you to the Marshal Edwars Rydz-Smigly Park, which was previously called the Central Park of Culture and Leisure. The Park was formed in 1940s and 1950s at the ruins of Powisle District (eastern part of park), and remains of Frascati Gardens (western part, near the Vistula river slope). There were plans to change all Powisle District into big park, but in the 1960s plans have changed.

There's central axis in the park, it starts with the terrace at the top of the slope, with beatiful view down to the rest of axis, then it goes down with monumental staircase, and with long alley it reaches the monuments Glory to Sappers, and Landing Operation Plate by the Vistula river.

Staircase at the slope is modeled on the Potemkin Stairs in Odessa. Altough they are much smaller than stairs in Odessa, they are still quite impressive, and it's very popular place of photo sessions.

Geocache is hidden near the bottom of the stairs (it's also registered at and

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameOdessa Stairs in Warsaw
Hintnot too high, not too low
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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