A short hike from Vasilikos, can also be done by car for most of the distance (we walked for about 1.5 hours in one direction). At a height of just 170 meter this viewpoint offers two very different views. Either a great view over the calm descending hills to the northeast or the rugged coast in the southwest.

Leave the main road from Vasilikos to Zakynthos-Town at the small church at N 37° 43.824' E 020° 58.268' , and follow the small street hillwards in direction Southwest. After several curves through olive groves, a good parking place is at N 37° 43.392' E 020° 58.069', or you can go by car as close as you dare.
When arriving at the junction N 37° 43.366' E 020° 57.998', keep on the concreted road running slightly right (not the dirt road sharp rightmost), leading southwards.
The last good parking place is about 50 meters below the cache, immediately after a hairpin bend. About 100 meters after the cache are two big cellular phone masts, the road ends there with no convenient possibility to reverse.
The cache is hidden beside a tree, under a heap of stones, among small rocks.
Please hide the cachebox well under some stones after finding it.
And please don't put any flammable items into the cache, just to avoid a fire hazard !!

The cache is a deep freeze box ( 14 * 14 * 6 cm), it initially contained:

  • cachenote (please do not remove)
  • logbook (please do not remove)
  • pencil and sharpener (please do not remove)
  • toy car
  • funny head
  • nail tattoo
  • balloons

(V 1.01 (fire hazard added))

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameZakynthos Vasilikos Baywatch
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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