When you arrive by car, you have to pay parking fee, but only from A to BC o'clock.
From the parking area you walk west into the floodplain forest. On your way, you'll pass a nice playground, where children can conquer a little castle or use a great ropeway. It is not far to the park from here.
Follow the way towards west and find the entrance to the "Wildpark". Soon behind the main entrance, you'll meet the biggest european medium-sized wildcats. Find out how long their gestation lasts. (DE to FG days.) 
Proceed your walk and find the frog pond. There you'll find a wooden sign with H frogs on it.
Now it's time for a break at N51 17.795 E12 21.904. You can buy icecream or cool drinks here. There is another playground nearby, for children under the age of I.
Look for the bawn of "Reynard" and find out, how many puppies (J to K) the vixen bears after LM days. Did you know that they are born blind, like little cats, and open their eyes after 14 days?
When you finaly arrive at N51 17.706 E12 21.894, you should see a building with the number OP on it (not "5,5"). From here it is only a short hop to the cache. It has the following coordinates ..

N51° P (L+M).(J+H) F A
E012° (D-J) (I/K).(FG-DE) (A-M) (D+E)


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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameWildpark Leipzig
Hint[DE-FG:] Da der Luchs tot ist u die Infotafel entfernt wurde, hier bis zum Umbau des Caches (oder bi
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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