Dear cacher,

At the foot of the Maria Locherboden pilgrimage church lies the dreamy town of Mötz. This town has been able to conserve the charm of a traditional Tyrolean village to the present day. This multicache requires around 1.5 hours. Park your car at N 47° 17.081 E 010° 57.797.

Through the green forest

N 47° 17.048
E 010° 57.739

Here you will find a lovely forest path heading towards Mötz. You will also find a large natural gas sign. Find the number before "Nr." and write it down as A.

A =


N 47° 16.941
E 010° 57.440

How long does it take to walk to Locherboden? Divide the number of minutes by 10. Write the number down as B.

B =

Village well in Mötz

N 47° 16.896
E 010° 57.325

You will see a saint on the well. What is he doing?


Killing a dragon: C = 4

Putting out a house fire: C = 5

Dividing his cloak: C = 7

C =

Jechle Chapel

N 47° 16.694
E 010° 56.829

How many stone steps lead to the chapel? Write the number down as D.

D =


N 47° 16.536
E 010° 56.751

On the southern side of the Birgele there is a small chapel. Count the benches in front of the chapel, double this, and call it E.

E =

Anger Chapel

N 47°16.616
E 010° 57.297

Here in the Anger Chapel, you will find an image of the Virgin Mary. How many angels are holding the crown above her? Write down this number as F.

F =

Pedestrian crossing

N 47° 16.826
E 010° 57.375

From here you can see a bandstand. On this a coat of arms with the Tyrolean eagle is attached. Make the digit sum of the number to the left of the eagle and note the result as G.


fork in the path

N 47° 16.950
E 010° 57.533

On the rail you will finde some signs. Count the yellow ones and call it H..


The treasure

You will find the treasure at

N 47° (G+A).(B+C)(E+H)(D-A)
E 010° (E+H)D.(F+B)A(G-B+1)

From the treasure's hiding place, it is only a short way to the Maria Locherboden pilgrimage church. It is worth a visit for the incredible view alone. You can then return to your car via the road. On the way to the pilgrimage church, it's worth making a small detour to the stone labyrinth at N 47° 16.850 E 010° 57.631.

© sonnenplateau,, CC-BY-NC-ND; all log entries © their authors

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameVerträumtes Mötz
Hintbei einem überwachsenen Stein
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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