Dear cachers,

This multicache will take you through the centre of the village of Polling, across fields and meadows and a short way into the nearby woods. The entire walk will take around 1.5 hours. You can park your car at the following coordinates: N 47° 16.879 E 011° 09.007

About the history of the cache:

A young water kobold (Klabautermann) named Polli lives in the forest near Polling. He's a very good-hearted water kobold, but is unfortunately very forgetful. One day he even forgot where he had hidden his treasure. To teach him a lesson, his teacher tells him to ask the animals and magical beings living in and around Polling for clues. Only when he has met all of the animals can he solve the riddle of the treasure's hiding place. Polli has already spoken with the animals, but does not dare follow the various clues. Do you want to help Polli and find the treasure for him? Here are the clues that Polli received.

Polling parish church

N 47° 16.870
E 011° 09.075

The pious church mouse gave Polli the following clue: "Above the entrance of the parish church you will find two years. Take the first two digits of the upper year and write them down as A.“

A =

Traffic sign

N 47° 16.902
011° 09.358

Of course, the ant police also helped Polli: “We know all about signs. Go to the coordinates and write the first large number on the sign down as B.”“

B =

Wenzer Chapel

N 47° 16.905
E 011° 09.769

Polli also spoke to the athletic hare, who gave him the following valuable advice: “Yes, I know the Wenzer Chapel well, I run past it every morning. Count the spikes on the iron railing there and write the result down as C.”

C =


N 47° 16.694
E 011° 09.898

VPolli was particularly afraid of the big raven. However, the bird was very nice and helpful and even gave our little water kobold more good advice: “Above the sign with the name of the path you will find a second sign. Double the number of the corners of the upper sign and call this number D. With a bit of luck, you can see horses in the field on the way to your next waypoint.”

D =


Fork in the road

N 47° 16.630
E 011° 09.777

At first, the crabby dung beetle didn't want to help Polli at all. “How can you forget something that important,” asked the beetle and shook his head uncomprehendingly. It took some time for Polli to convince him. In exchange, Polli had to help him roll a horse dropping into his den. After that, the dung beetle said: “Ok, you've helped me a lot. Count the benches at the coordinates and write the number down as E.”

E =


N 47° 16.489
E 011° 09.432

The lively trout told Polli about a bridge under which it swam every day. The fish advised Polli to count the vertical posts of its railings and to subtract two from the result. Polli was then to write the number down as F.

F =

Your path will then take you further along the stream past waypoint 1 (N 47° 16.429 E011° 09.258).

Polli's treasure

PYou have earned Polli's trust. After all, you have completed all of the tasks for him. So now you are allowed to go to the treasure's hiding place all by yourself. You will find the treasure at:

N 47° 16.D(E+F)(C-F)
E 11° 09.B(A-C-D)E

© sonnenplateau,, CC-BY-NC-ND, as of 08/30/2016; all log entries © their authors

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameVergiss mein nicht, Polli!
Hintalter Baumstumpf, ca. 10 Meter oberhalb des Weges
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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