You are sorrounded by the landscape shaped by a glaciers. You stand at the bank of the Sørfjorden - it is fjord, U-shaped valley formed by a glacier, and flooded by the sea, when glacier melted. Glaciers left also clay deposits full of boulders - it is ground moraine, also called as boulder clay, boulders were rounded during transportation by glacier.

The small stone park at village square in Nå, was opened during Vikebygdfest 2012 in june. Few boulders gathered here, were collected in sorrounded area. They were polished and grounded here by Rolf Karlsen from Heggedal.



1. Take the photo of you (or your GPS or other equipment) with the boulder you like most, and post it in the log.

2. Collect information needed to password - you will find aswers for A, B, C at the square. But D, E are for your own research.
  A. what's the name of first farm, where boulders were found? (first 5 letters only)
  B. how many boulders are at the square? (number)
  C. what's the name of most numerous type of boulders gathered here? (first 5 letters only)
  D. what's the collective name of three nearest galciers? (first 5 letters only)
  E. Sørfjorden is the arm of one of the longest fjords in Norway. How many fjords are longer in Norway then it? (number)

Write password as ABCD, with numbers, and big letters only. Example:: KVEST21AMFIBJOSTE5


this geocache is also registered as educational cache at

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameStone Park in Nå
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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