The ordinary starting point for this hike is the Weinebene pass (PARK1: N46 50.404 E015 01.010) at 1668 which can be reached preferably aproaching from Deutschlandsberg (Styria). There you find the year-round open taverns "Weinebene Haus" and "Goeslerhuette"

After getting over the "Huehnerstuetze" (HUEHN: N46 48.385 E014 58.940) you continue along the crest passing the "Seespitze" where you can have a look at the tiny "Speiksee"). Soon you reach the 2140m high "Speik" (actually "Grosser Speikkogel") (SPEIK: N46 47.216 E014 58.318). The distinctive radarsystem of the austrian army (called "Goldhaube") is unfortunately in the very vicinity of the summit.

Now you can either continue to the Koralpenhaus (N46 47.454 E014 57.386) at 1966m or go back to the junktion at the Seespitze (SEE: N46 47.214 E14 58.598) and redecent through the cirque. Passing the Grillitschhuette (GRILL: N46 48.959 E014 59.058) at 1745m you return to the parking area at the Weinebene.

If you want to avoid the (very steep) "Huehnerstuetze" you can park here (PARK2: N46 49.521 E015 00.735). After a short walk through the wood you continue along an unpaved road to the Baerentalhuette (BAER: N46 49.007 E014 59.824). From there you pass the "Baerentalalm" and reach after a modest ascension the "Steinerne Mandl" (MANDL: N46 48.532 E014 59.876) (see big picture).

The cache is 100m from the summit at the foot of a big rock at the SW side (see spoiler pic)

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Cache nameSpeik
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