'Kid Można zabrać dzieciaki / Kid Friendly 'Bicycles Można podjechać rowerem / Bicycles permitted on paths
'Dogs Można zabrać psa / Dogs Allowed 'Available Dostęp zimą OK / Accessible in Winter
'No Niepełnosprawni niestety nie / No Wheelchair Access 'Historic Historyczne miejsce / Historic Site
'ParkPodjedziesz pod sam cache / Park n Grab

Brochów - XII century church on the Bzura river

This is the only church of this kind in Poland. Looking more like a castle, or small keep, was purely defence-oriented. Impressive to look at and nice to visit.
In 1806 parents of Frederic Chopin were married there and small Frederic was baptised in the church four years later.
In 1939 the village was a site of heavy fighting during the battle of Bzura and was utterly destroyed. You can read more about the battle in Wikipedia in this article.

Cache is a small plastic box hidden in a hole in the tree. .

This cache, as well as many others from Poland, is also registered at If you hit the cache please also consider registering your find here, too. Thank you.


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04.03.2018 (04.03.2018)
Cache nameSnuffer- "Brochów"
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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