The Coordinates above are not the location of the Cache! It is well accessible by using public transport, parking is also available, a bit of patience might be necessary, though. Coming from NW, the cache is accessible with a stroller, it might be too steep for wheelchairs. The cache can be retrieved from the pathway. Please be careful to hide it as you found it.

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At the same time an "ICE"-train and an "S-Bahn" depart at the main station. The velocity behaviour of both trains is as follows: first they accelerate with a constant acceleration (ICE: aICE = 0.541256 m/s2, S-Bahn: aSB = 0.8 m/s2) until they reach their nominal velocity (ICE: vICE = 32 m/s, S-Bahn: vSB = 20 m/s) which they keep constant. For braking, they decelerate with a constant deceleration until they come to a complete halt. The absolute values of the deceleration are the same as for acceleration (aICE, aSB).

  • The S-Bahn has a first stop after 1300 meters, where it halts for 45 seconds before departing again.
  • Due to a signal fault, the ICE starts braking at 3754.0521 meters, and is only allowed to drive on after standing still for 95.5456 seconds.
  • The velocities of both trains are roughly sketched in the diagram below.
  • Two of the values that can be calculated, represent the coordinates of the cache in the form DDMM.MMM, so a result of 910.967 would stand for 9°10.967 (Stuttgartchr(39)s main station tower).



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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameSignalstörung (PhysiCache II)
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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