I still remember well, almost a year ago.

...' All well? You looking very bad...'
. The man who recently appeared between the trees, looked really pathetic. disrupted clothes, scratches everywhere and a look as the death would be personally behind him.
' Help, please! The one-eyed witch .... me sacrifice .... skin... Soup.... Treasure .... please.... Help... '

Dark creatures hiding itself in the undergrowth -i have noted them some time ago - at least- he was probably pursued.
' Come, it' probably better to find a secure place for you'
Fast I helped him on my horse - when 3 of the figures tried to surprise us.... I pulled my weapon ... astonishing result was : They fled loud back into the wood... Not very courageously these faithfuls of the witc.

I brought H.Smirz - so he was called -to the next city where he felt quite clearly more secure.
' You spoke of a treasure? They pursue you for that? '
' No, these creatures are odd-job men of Kalinka, the one-eyed witch. She wants to exterminate my family for any reason .... she is crazy! The treasure ......, well, you have helped me. I do not have him, nobody has him. I have only.... '
He pulled out a map and a parchment paper from his pocket


'The sign of Five.... Probably mean the Pentagram and the Pentagon. The map ...probably still comes from Paracelsus '-I joked.
' Visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidem...why not Paracelsus in the end, he worked there!' -he replied sharply.
' See here, I could find these places, I have also found some information... '
I mentioned doubt about a material value of this treasure - but he cannot be persuaded ...... It had been getting late, and we lay down to rest.
Early the next morning our ways separated: ' I will try it once again if I find him I will richly thank you for your help '

......... Yes, almost one year ago- and now a thick letter of H.Smirz addressed to me: A.Vambery . Nevertheless, he found?.... open .... the map, the confidential instructions ... and a short letter: ' No, I have failed - and the bloodhounds of the witch are close to me. . I send you the documents, maybe you have more luck than i . I have taken down some remarks on the map, as far as I could identify the confidential places. H.Smirz - protect you from Kalinka! '
I take a look at the map. Weak lines are to be recognised- I drag them. Pentagram and the Pentagon... Pentagram proves the Pentagon .... the sign of Five. I copy the original, and add some remarks ...... remember, what told Smirz at that time? ........ 2 conspiracy meeting places of Five.... whether do they still live?.... .... How Smirz meant U about meeting place: ' Dont use the soul hole (Seelenloch).. '

At the end of the document a row of figures - whether do they have a meaning ?- ' Look
out for the sign of Five if you in doubt.
.. ' For secure reason i send some copies to trustworthy persons....

On, against the adventure!

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