Coordinates leading to car park (suitable also for HGV), which is good starting point for cache-hunting. There also is a bus-stop, where two lines of buses are available for transport you from and to Kraków city centre. (timetables: Transpol, Eurotransbis). You can reach Iwanowice Center also by city-bus line nr 277. Service is provided by MPK Kraków but bus stop under coordinates is out of route line 277.
200 metres from car park, @ N50°12,326; E19°58,121 there is a forest bridleway, why not use it for walk or bike ride to final cache

Multi-Cache has 6 stages and final cache. Coordinates for final cache are hidden in caches listed bellow. If you collect all 6 digits, you get final cache coordinates, using digits instead letters: N50° 12,KON; E19°58,IEC. Stage Caches:

(K) Park Wiejski OP2C85
(O) Kaplica Rocha OP2B23
(N) Iwanowice - kapliczka w pół drogi OP2C83
(I) Grodzisko - Wały OP2A03
(E) Grodzisko - skarpa Dłubni OP2A04
(C) Mogiły 1914 OP2B24 {we recomend you to visit this cache as last, because it is not so far from final cache.}

There is no trade items inside of this cache. just logbook and pencil. And some space for trackable travel items

This geocache description comes from the Opencaching.PL site.

Log entries
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07.03.2018 (07.03.2018)
Cache nameSekret Iwanowic [SI#7]
HintCache is hidden in roots of pine, 15 metres east from
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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