Many people pass by this building. Nevertheless it was unnoticeable. The history of the building and this place is very interesting. The building was built in 1907. Until 1945 it was located Butchery Restaurant (Schlachthof-Restaurant) here, menaged by Heinrich Koschnick.

Why was it named "Butchery"? Stand opposite the building. On the left can you see the buildings old city slaughterhouse, made of the red brick. On the right leftovers of track of XIX c. A few meters east was located the railway station Słupsk Przymieście. Before the II WW it name was Buchery Stolp (Stolp Schlachthof). The railway line ran to Budowo.

Since 1950 to 1964 was functined a cinema here. In the sources we reed several names, Morning Cinema (Poranek), about 1961 it was "Lighterman" (Flisak) and late as "Seclusion" (Ustronie). After liquidation the cinema it was located Famarols House of Culture here. Since October 17th, 1979 the building is headquarters of National Archives in Słupsk.

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Cache nameSchlachthof-Restaurant
Hintfrom the corner, the third on the right, it is not afraid of the rain.
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