Samuel Finley Breese Morse (* 27th of April, 1791 in Charlestown, Massachusets; † 2nd of April, 1872 in in New York) was an US-American inventor and professor for painting, sculptures and drawing. From 1837 Morse developed the first useful writing telegraph (Morse device) and together with his employee Alfred Vail, an early Morse code similar to the later one, which was known as Land Line Code or American Morse Code. Morse created the practical conditions for a reliable electric telegraphy. (Translated citation from
I have compiled the most important signs of the Morse code, used till this day, for you here:

Furthermore you should know some German numerals, as for example:
eins = 1 / zwei = 2 / drei = 3 / ... and so on.

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This cache implies 6 stages and a final.
At each of the 6 stages you must find a tip with a figure in Morsecode (consider the direction of the arrows!). Finally, with the found figures you can determine the final co-ordinates.

Take a small pocket mirror with you! It could help you at one of the stages.

I wish you a lot of fun with the search!

Hint to the final: Don't worry about neighbour muggles, they are informed!

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05.03.2018 (05.03.2018)
Cache nameSamuel Morse
HintStage 1: rear side Stage 2: rear side or front side Stage 3: gap Stage 4: on top Stage 5: stump,
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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