The Old Town Hall is the seat of cultural organisations since 1954. It accomodates the BSCC from the very beginnings of the Centre (1992). Since then the interior of the Old Town Hall has been renovated several times - both to restore the original design and to preserve the historical structure of the building. Steps have been taken to adapt the building to its current function. Apart from accommodating office rooms of the BSCC, the Old Town Hall often hosts concerts, conferences, meetings, and exhibitions. 
On the first floor there is a representative Entrance Hall, the impressive Great Hall (also called Bourgeoisie Hall) - with its genuine wooden ceiling and a collection of paintings presenting Sybilla – and the sumptuously decorated Mayor’s Hall with the 17th century fittings. 

History of the building dates back to the end of the 16th century, when it was designed by Antoni van Obberghen, in the style of Netherlandish Mannerism, to be the seat of the Old Town authorities. Throughout centuries it was the centre of contemporary political, economic, scientific and social life of this part of the city. It was here that elites debated about municipal matters, celebrated official ceremonies in Great Hall, and organised balls and  banquets. The Old Town Hall is linked to the figure of a famous scientist – astronome Johannes Hevelius. It is him who stored beer in the cellars of the building.

Thanks to its specific shape, the Old Town Hall is an unique element of the architecture of Gdańsk Main Town. Despite many conversions, its shape has not changed so far.


The object that
 I want to show you my favorite building among all the monuments of Gdansk - its diversity and history arouses my constant curiosity and fascinationI hope that you all are captured is not known object. 


To find the box you have to perform a certain taskThe box consists of two stages ofintermediate and final. The first clue will find on the ground floor at the bookstore:

1) Find the shelf for Gdansk.
2) Tips search on the right side just at the end of the rack on one of the shelves;)
3) Follow the instructions :)

Good luck!


Box founded with the approval of Baltic Sea Cultural Centre.

The Old Town Hall is open everyday and available for visitors free of charge from 1000 to 1800. The cache is not available on Sunday - bookstore works six days a week (Saturday 1000 - 1500).


This geocache description comes from the Opencaching.PL site.

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05.03.2018 (05.03.2018)
Cache nameRatusz Staromiejski / The Old Town Hall
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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