This cache was made to trade little children's books (type "Pixi"). So please trade only this kind of books or just log and don't trade. Please trade not more than two books per visit. Thank you.

The surroundings of the "Handschuhsheimer Feld" are a perfect place for a walk or a bicycle tour between Heidelberg and Ladenburg. The flying field of the model aviation club is a nice spot for a break. But beware of muggles – there are many of them especially at the weekend. Therefore, the final coordinates are located in a certain distance to the flying field (less than 400 m).
Please do not enter the flying field and be careful when crossing the entry lane in times of air traffic.

Pixi was sitting on a stump watching a crow family. The fledglings tried to fly for the first time. 'Oh, I would also like to fly', came to Pixi's mind. One after the other, the crows lifted off. They circled above Pixi and croaked: 'Hey you down there! What's up?' 'I would love to fly like you!' Pixi said. One of the little crows croaked: 'How would that be? You don't even have wings!' the crows laughed. But then they saw how sad Pixi was. 'Wait!' croaked one of the crows and disappeared. After a while it came back with a big crow. 'This is my uncle, he can carry you.' 'Carry me?' Pixi asked. 'Come on: board and don't fall!' croaked the big crow. And indeed, the big crow boarded and flew some turns around the flying field. After they landed, Pixi asked how to thank them. They said: 'Tell us a story!' So he did. Since then, Pixi could fly with the crow and he told the crow family a little story afterwards. And as the crows really liked Pixis stories, Pixi had an idea. He collected stories and hided them in a little box nearby the flying field in a weasel protected spot. He exchanged the stories in the box regularly. To find the hidden box, the crows just had to count the white stripes of the boom barrier of the flying field entrance and the number of the sitting benches beside the flying field.

X: No. of green benches inside the flying field + 2
Y: No. of benches beside the flying field

Final coordinates: N 49° 26.2XY' E 8° 38.9X7'

© Taraxacum68,, CC-BY-NC-ND, as of 10/03/2016; all log entries © their authors

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04.03.2018 (04.03.2018)
Cache nameModellflugplatz Heidelberg - Kinderbuchtauschbörse
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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