There are lovely ways in the wood "Seelhorst" in Hannover's south, but there's another way:
Go to the start coordinates (N52°20.635 E9°48.725). There's a brook that flows to the west. Follow this brook on the path beside it up to the provisional finish coordinates N52°20.660 E9°48.066. Besides solve the following tasks:

  1. task: count all (stone) bridges that cross the brook => number A
  2. task: leave the path at a suitable place and count the birch trees at N52°20.618 E9°48.559 and return to the path. => number B
  3. task: make an excursion to point N52°20.631 E9°48.338. How many children are playing here? Don't care, let them playing... ;-) How many wooden stairs lead up to the children's slide? => number C
  4. Count all fishes in the brook while walking along it. => number D
At the provisional finish coordinates calculate the final coordinates N52°20.YYY E9°48.XXX as follows:

    YYY = (A+B)^2 * C - B
    XXX = (A+B) * B (3 digits, please fill up with zeros without changing the value)

At the final destination clap your hands D times! ;-)

You need about 30 minutes for solving all tasks. There's relativ bad receiption at the final. With wet weather rubber boots may be useful.

© NoLuKo,, CC-BY-NC-ND; all log entries © their authors

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameMäander
Hintthe first bridge is at a distance of about 100m. Goal: tree trunk
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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