English: The basin of Lienz has already been settled for 4000 years. Our tour through the town, however, is restricted to the period of the Late Middle Ages to the Present.

Start at the following coordinates:
N1 = 46°49.776; E1 = 12°46.210.
Look for the photographer’s point of view (picture 1) and turn for 180 degrees. Now you can see the almost perfect hiding place – not only one, there are more! They are all very similar. Count them. The result is A.(even number)

N2 = 46°49.734; E2 = 12°46.127
Whose monument are you standing in front of? Josef the ?. He abolished bondage in 1781. The answer is B.

N3 = 46°49.786; E3 = E2 12°45.989
How many conflagrations devastated the town? The answer is C.

N4 =46°49.725; E4 =12°45.957
How many letters does the first name of this popular white singer consist of? The sum is D.

N5 = 46°49.869; E5 = 12°45.914
Transform the Roman figure into an Arabic one and form the total of the digits. This is E. A little help: At stage 3 you’ve already heard about it. However, the wanted number here is ten years later.

Cache: N6 = 46°49.A(C*B)(E-C);
E6 = 12°46.0(C*B)(E-C)

Surely, Lienz, like any other medieval town suffered from rats. I hope, these times have passed! Don’t be afraid and grab the cache!
Please take the spoilerpicture!
Much fun at locating the cache!

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameLienzer Altstadt
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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