The 29th of Georg Wilhelms Kanonenkugeln seems to have mutated to a christmas tree ball, because it reappeared on christmas eve 2006.

It's your choice to do this cache either as a drive in, or to take a circular route of 3 km that rewards you with a wonderful scenic view of the city of Bayreuth.

If you want to do the drive in cache, park your car in the Spessartstraße at N 49° 55.982 E 011° 36.907 and go directly to the cache. Using pulic transportation, take bus number 7, get off at Wunaustraße and walk first to the drive in parking location, from there to the cache.

If you want to do the scenic route (Panoramaweg in German), you my park your car at the Hühlweg at N 49° 56.267 E 011° 36.659 or take bus number 7 and get off at Rollwenzelei. The trailhead is at N 49° 56.291 E 011° 36.740, just follow the sign Panoramaweg from here. By the way, the historic building you can see across the street at the trailhead is the former tavern Rollwenzelei, where the poet Jean Paul liked to stay. Visiting Jean Paul's Room there is possible only with an appointment.

Follow the Panoramaweg upwards the Eichelberg hill and enjoy the great view on Bayreuth. Even the Richard-Wagner-Festspielhaus can be seen from here. On top of the Eichelberg you will see a wind power plant and the fresh water reservoir for Bayreuth. Nearby at N 49° 55.682 E 011° 36.457 you have to turn left into Lettenstraße. After 500 m at N 49° 55.714 E 011° 36.857 you turn left again towards Gut Grunau, where the physicist Emil Warburg spent the last years of his life.

At the start of the beautiful Grunauer Allee avenue, take a detour to the cache at N 49° 55.883 E 011° 36.966. Afterwards, just continue on the avenue to return to the trailhead.

View an aerial photo with the scenic walk and waypoints in Google Maps.

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06.03.2018 (06.03.2018)
Cache nameKugelcache Nr. 29 - Weihnachtskugel
Hinteaster egg hunting is not done at christmas time
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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