Kreuther Höhe 

This is a traditional cache, located at the given coordinates. This description only shows three possible ways of different difficulty to get to the cache. Certainly there are some more ways - so if you try another one, feel free to tell us about it in your log.

Route 1: The north route (medium length) - difference in elevation approx. 650 m

You can park in Weissbriach at N46° 41.087  E013° 15.169 (hotel Brunnwirt) and walk up to N46° 40.390  E013° 15.612. This waypoint is reachable by car too, but you might not be able to find a place for parking here.

The hiking trail number 14 starts here, on a sea level of 850 m. In the beginning, follow the forest road (just follow the signs to "Durchspring"). At N46° 40.290  E013° 15.272 you have to make a decision: you can continue your walk on the forest road, which is longer but less steep, or you can take the steep track (follow the way signed with "Steig" then), which is shorter but very steep. Walking sticks are a good help here! Both ways meet at N46° 40.007  E013° 14.970. Here you can take a rest on a bench and enjoy the view to Weissbriach (see picture for details).

Now continue your walk on way number 14 until you reach "Durchspring" at N46° 39.717  E013° 15.104. From here, take the way number 6 - it will bring you directly to the cache position (just follow the signs to "Kreuther Höhe").

Route 2: The short south route (shortest way) - difference in elevation approx. 450 m

Drive on the B111 (Gailtal-Bundesstrasse) until you reach Jenig. Near Gasthof Schabus, take the road to north - just follow the signs to "Kreuth&quot. The road is in good shape. Park your car at Berggasthof Preßlauer at N46° 38.324  E013° 16.395. Then follow the rest of Route 3 as described below.

Route 3: The long south route (longest way) - difference in elevation approx. 900 m

Park your car at N46° 37.578  E013° 16.634 at the B111. Take the road to "Kleinbergl" until you reach N46° 37.912  E013° 16.344. This waypoint is also reachable by car, but there is not much place for parking.

From here, follow the footpath to the north, following the signs to "Kreuth" until you reach the road. Follow the road a few hundred meters uphill until you reach Berggasthof Preßlauer at N46° 38.324  E013° 16.395. Here you are on a sea level of 1000 m. Route 2 and 3 combine here.

At the eastern side of Berggasthof Preßlauer take the direction to the north. Follow the signs to "Kreuther Höhe" At N46° 38.412  E013° 16.650 you can enjoy the view to Tröpolach (see picture) and the Gartnerkofel.

Turn left at N46° 38.507  E013° 16.794. If you want, you can take a short trip (a few 100 meters) to the "Märchenwiese" bei N46° 38.548  E013° 16.345, which is a nice place to take a rest.

Then go on to the cache coordinates in the header. Enjoy the silence and nature up there, before you return.

Tip: If you know somebody who can pick you up with the car, you can take the long south route (route 3), get the cache, and go to Weißbriach on the north route (in reverse order as described). For this tour (15 kilometers and +850 / -650 meters difference in elevation) you should plan about 5 to 6 hours, depending on your condition.

Please tell us which way you took in your internet log.


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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameKreuther Höhe
HintCache is located in a lying, dead tree, only 1 meter away from the footpath. See spoiler photo for d
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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