Let's begin with a small portion of history about The Dominican Monastery at Służew in Warsaw, which is one of the two Dominican Monasteries in Warsaw, next to The Dominican Monastery on Freta Street (St. Hyacinth's Church). Construction of the monastery began in 1935 on the initiative of father Jacek Woroniecki, an eminent theologian, rector of the Catholic University of Lublin. Soon after, in the area of ​​4 hectares three-storey residential building was built with a chapel and a storage room. The whole area was enclosed by a high wall, probably the same one which stands there nowadays. In 1952, next to The Dominican Monastery, The St. Dominic Parish in Warsaw arised, which initially has about 1,400 people. In communist times, The St. Dominic Parish saved The Dominican Monastery through its activities before closing it by the authorities. In 1994, The St. Dominic church was built, which, despite the clear inspiration from Gothic is modern in form. Inside the church there are, among others, the image of Our Lady of the former Dominican church of the Assumption in Zolkiew, brought to Warsaw after World War II and the Merciful Savior Icon Cross by Jerzy Nowosielski.

Today, The Dominican Monastery comprises their care close to 22,000 residents. At the monastery there are numerous pastoral circles of interest and discussion groups. The monastery also runs a counseling service for families with psychological problems, subsidizes daily school lunches for children from poor families and provides them with financial support during holiday trips.


  1. Cache is located on the outer side of the wall right next to the back entrance of the Dominican Order. Nearby (~2m) from the cache there is a pole with low voltage box. The cache is not on the pole!
  2. Please bring your own pen. After signing wrap logbook very hard.
  3. The cache is also available on and website.

This geocache description comes from the Opencaching.PL site.

Log entries
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07.03.2018 (07.03.2018)
Cache nameKlasztor Dominikanów / The Dominican Monastery
Hint.seceip s’ti fo eno dniheb ,llaw eht nI – 1.90m.
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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