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The Keseburg was built at 1144 and was in the possession of the church advocates of Keseberg (Caseberch). Ziegenhain's castle reaches Thuringia 1186. The castle comes 1233 into a Hessian possession. 1277 destroy landgrave Heinrich I. to an alliance of the church advocates of Keseberg and the counts of goat grove against Hesse the castle and submits the mountain to the cloister Haina. 1342 became Heinrich II as a substitute for the Keseburg of landgrave. the castle Hessian stone built. The ruins of a castle (apart from the two ditches and the mountain peace stump is nothing received of the castle) can be found on the right Eder shore opposite of Ederbringhausen. A marvelous look to the Orke and Eder valley and staying at a bank in the Mauerring of the old Bergfrieds rewards for the advancement ample. There are free parking lots for castle Hessian stone (approx. 1 hour footpath to the Keseburg) or in the place opposite. The ruins of a castle are freely accessible any time.

You also find the cache "Burg Hessenstein, GCJ7RY," at the castle's Hessian stone.

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Cache nameKeseburg
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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