The cache is hidden near the highest point in a typical and fairly obvious hideout. The cache was hidden in winter. Although there was snow the hideout was accessible without any problems.
Take along a good map. In winter it may be a good idea to bring along snow-shoes (we were glad to have them).

One of the possible tours: The tour can be made as a roundtrip from the inn Apfelbauer (have a look at the Google-Earth-Snapshot for our track). From there you hike up via several lonesome houses (Tuft, Wegscheid, In der Grub, Schmoll, Tiefenbach, Haselbauer) to the summit of Plattenstein. There is a small hut up there (Gauermannhütte, open on weekends only, during winter-time it is closed). From there the path leads in a southwesterly direction towards Katharinenschlag (and the cache). From there continue further (southwest) until your reach the path leading downhill towards Blättertal (watch out for strangely behaving sheep there [;)]). From there it is possible to take the longer way via Kaisereben.
We decided to take a shortcut and headed eastward towards "Im Wald". Beware, this path is not very easy to find, at least not in winter. And it is not a very smooth path either (in the upper part path and brook sort of mixed up).
This roundtrip accounts for almost 16 km.

The cache is a small Lock-Lock-Box. Initially it contained a logbook, a duck, a turquoise bird and a dinosaur. Please bring your own pen! The cache is covered with a flat stone, please do not forget to replace this stone after rehiding.

Have Fun!

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameKatharinenschlag
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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