Dear geocachers!

This geocache will take you through various neighbourhoods and quiet hamlets of the Municipality of Inzing. This cache requires a pure walking time of 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on which path you take to return to the starting point.

You do not need to leave the signposted path in order to find the individual clues. The cache itself is a few metres away from the path.


The best thing to do is to park your caching vehicle at the following coordinates:

N 47° 16.482
E 011° 11.342

Follow the path over the bridge at waypoint 1 (N 47° 16.466 and E 011° 11.222) to the first clue.

A town with history

On which day in April did Blasius Hueber die? Write down the number as A.

N 47° 16.343
E 011° 10.791



Find how many words make up the inscription on the front of the chapel and write that down as B:

N 47° 16.295
E 011° 10.598


Follow the path past waypoint 2 (N 47° 16.193 and E 011° 10.620) to the next clue.

Wunder Wald (the wonders of a forest)

How many lists are there under "Wussten Sie, dass…" (Did you know that...)? Write down the number as C.

N 47° 16.035
E 011° 10.258

C =

Raised hide

How many rungs lead up to the raised hide? Write down the number as D.

N 47° 15.985
E 011° 10.194

D =

Peter Anich

In which year did Peter Anich contract typhoid fever? Add up the digits of the number and write the number down as E.

N 47° 15.913
E 011° 10.244


Weiler Hof

How many houses on the board have numbers? Halve this number and write it down as F.

N 47° 15.994
E 011° 10.690


Inntalterrassen (Inntal valley terraces) panel

Find the word that is written in the largest letters and count the letters in it. Write down the number as G.

N 47°15.974
E 011° 10.796


The geology of the Eastern Alps

In the top right of the sign you will find two numbers. Subtract the smaller number from the larger number and divide the result by two. Write down the number as H.

N 47° 15.874
E 011° 10.899


Now that you have visited all of the stations, it's time to calculate the final coordinates:

N 47° G.(E-D)(C+F)(A+B)/5

E 011° (G-C).(B+F)(D-9)(A+F)

Congratulations, you have found the cache! You now have two possibilities to get back to the starting point. Either directly into the valley or further up through the forest where there are two further information stations on the nature trail.

© sonnenplateau,, CC-BY-NC-ND; all log entries © their authors

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameInzing entdecken
Hintunter einem Baumstumpf
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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