This is the third in a series of caches that I hope doesn't grow in length any further.

The ancient Harry's Wall (sic) geocache was, sadly, archived by Groundspeak in 2015, for no good reason, in my and others' humble opinions.  Since then it continues to be "found" though I expect it will be locked one day.

It was originally hidden by Street Pilot on 29th August 2001.

The cache contains three log books, including the original 19-year old one.  I think that must be very rare although, ironically, I found another 2001 logbook right on England's northern border, Reivers Revenge , whereas Harry's Walls is just about as far south west as you can get in England.


So, I decided to add Harry's Walls to my opencache revivals of cruelly archived ancient Scillonian geocaches:


SInce the other ancient Scillonian geocache at Pulpit Rock has been adopted by Heartradio I think that one should be safe for many more years.


While you are at Harry's Walls, why not attempt the nearby under the walls tunnel challenge (Yes, it has been done by various adults in my family, but that's at your own risk of serious scraping of flesh.)


The under the wall tunnel


This geocache description comes from the Opencache.UK site.

Log entries
  • There are no logentries yet
21.08.2020 (21.08.2020)
Cache nameHarry's Walls
HintBehind a stone
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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