At this place some remnants of roman and medieval fortifications can still be seen. Two information boards give further information about the historical aspects.
The oldest part was a roman watchtower, dating back to the 3rd and 4th century. In the middle of the area some ruins of this tower (or its medieval reconstruction) are barely visible in the grass. This tower was destroyed during the migration of the people.
During the Middle Ages the tower was reconstructed, the embankments and the trenches were added. At this time it was named "Castrum Pordan". King Ottokar destroyed this castle in 1273 and it was never rebuilt.
At the given coordinates there is a small parking lot where you can find the first information board and an assembly of coffins. Unfortunately the info-boards don't tell anything about the origin of these coffins.
The inner trench was used for a long time (in the middle of the 20th century) for ice-skating in winter.
How to log the cache: Walk around the area and look for a pale-green information-board with chronological information. In the middle of the figure you will find a square structure (the burgus). Use the german word next to it as the code to log the cache as found.

The most interesting part of the area is under protection of historical informations, thats the main reason why there is no physical cache there. The other reasons are: The area is kept very clear by sheep and there is an announcement that a biomass-installation will be built there, so the area might undergo some more or less drastic changes in the near future.

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