The Elfengrotte (Elfcave), also known as Kaesegrotte (Cheesecave) because of the geology of the stones at the entrance, lies with its beautiful waterfall in a side valley of the mosel. For this quick 2-Stage-Multi you have to collect some clues to get on the track of a cache :) Don't forget your camera!

ATTENTION! At some point of the track are steep hangs.

You can park for aprox. 2 hours and start for the cache at the parking area at

N 50° 04.422'
E007° 01.422'.

On the other side of the street is a signpost with several signs for cyclers. You need the distances from the signs according to the village-names. Don't use the decimals of the distances - cut the numbers behind the decimal sign out.

Then go to Stage1 at with:

N 50° 04.(422 - Gillenfeld - Hontheim - Kennfus)'
E007° 01.(422 - 4*Ulmen - 3*Hontheim)'

Just before you can grab the cache, you have to look out for a 'swiss number'. You can use all of the information for the final location with:

N 50° 04.(422 + Kennfus - 3*'swiss number')'
E007° 01.(422 - 'swiss number' * 'swiss number' - Ulmen - Kennfus - Bad Bertrich)'

Oh, this tricky mathematical things... :)

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Cache nameElfengrotte
Hintunder stones
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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