The “Ederplan” is not only because of its exposed situation (westernmost summit of the “Kreuzeck group” hitting a height of 2061m) and the associated beautiful view worth seeing, but also because of the “Anna – Schutzhaus”, which represents a jewel among the refuges for climbers.
The important landscape and historical-scenes painter Professor Franz Defregger (born: April 30th, 1835 in Stronach, died: January 2nd, 1921 in Munich) had this hut established after his own plans in the year 1882.
First it served him and his family as a summer domicile but already in 1888 it was expanded to a refuge and given its present name in honour of Mr Defregger’s wife.

The ÖTK Dölsach, under the expert guidance of Mayerl Sepp (vulgo Blasl, expedition mountain climber, “first climber” of some routes and instructor and/or “rope partner” of Reinhold Messner, Peter Habeler, Heini Holzer…), took over the refuge in 1990 and renovated it with much love for the detail.

Don’t look for the Cache at the given coordinates! In order to make the search more interesting you first must go southeast for approximately 220 metres. At this striking point you have to turn northeast. After further approx. 40 metres on “Carinthian territory” you should reach the position of the photographer. There you’ll find under rock what you are looking for.

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Cache nameEderplan
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