This is one of 147 planned caches which are, or were, laid out by different cachers along the European Long Distance Path E1. This series of caches is meant to enable cachers to combine walking and "geo caching". For this reason up to 147 Cache will laid out by and by.

The caches are numbered consecutively from north to south. There are micro, small, regular or large caches.

Cachers who would like to take an active part in this series by laying out a cache themselves can find further information here.


The path is in a protected area; before starting it should be studied on a suitable walking map. Since the ravine can only be left in few places, a route should be planned in advance. The path can be dangerous, particularly when it is wet. Despite regular care landslides and falling rocks are possible or the path might stop apruptly. You should at any rate be sure-footed and unafraid of heights; sensible footwear is absolutely necessary. The path is not suitable for small children. The path cannot be mastered by bicycle or mountain bike. Please behave prudently and give consideration to nature!

Day trippers can leave the B31 at Neustadt-Mitte and follow the country road in the direction of Lenzkirch. Turn left behind a railway bridge and follow a forest road for approx. 3 km. Park the car at the end of the road (at a large open space with unknown purpose) and follow the yellow lozenge until finally the path turns left towards the confluence of the rivers Gutach and Haslach. Please take sufficient beverages and possibly something to eat. Insect protection is absolutely recommended - the place is swarming with mosquitos!

Climbing is not necessary for elevating caches. Please hide them again well!

In the entire ravine the GPS signal is poorly or not at all present, therefore the spoiler picture is possibly more helpful than the above coordinates."

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameE1 138/147 Wutach-Kraftwerk
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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