The “Dürenstein” (Picco di Vallandro) outreaching the “Plätzwiese”, it is a peak with a magnificent panoramic view.

Also available at  WM19CF

Hiking boots, raincoat/windbreaker (, poss. climbing rope with carbines)

From the “Pustertaler Staatsstraße“ (SS 49) you have to turn into the “Pragsertal“ (Dir. “Pragser Wildsee”) and follow the signage “Plätzwiesen” and “Brückele”. If you do not manage to be at “Gasthof Brückele“ before 10:00 a.m., you have to continue by bus, because the road (toll: € 4.50) to “Pätzwise” is blocked from 10:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. (only for cars going uphill). It is not suggested to do the ascent by foot (attitude: 501 meters in high on asphalt street) to “Plätzwiese”, because the climb up to the cache is also exhausting.

Passing the “Plätzwisenhütte“ the way (mark 40) to the top is signed (ascent 839 meters in high, 2.5 h). The steep way is mainly visible from the “Plätzwiesen” and is leading in serpentines nearly to the peak. Before reaching the top you have to pass a ridge which is secured.

Crossing the ridge, you might secure yourself. The easiest way: climbing rope and carabines.

To log the cache, you have to take a photo of you in front of the cross and post it with your log.

Nearby Cache at
Strudelkopf (Monte Specie)(GC137J8): It is another Top with a scenic view.

© Sigmund Freud,, CC-BY-NC-ND, as of 09/29/2016; all log entries © their authors

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameDürenstein (Picco di Vallandro) 2839m
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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