Parking area is available at N = 47° 26,968 E = 9° 54,718 at the bath. Terrain: The hike follows solid tracks most of the time. In the area of the Quelltuff you will encounter wooden stairs and platforms, which can be very slippery when wet. This place is also situated on the slope of a very steep canyon, so please be careful there. The time-estimation results from the time I needed to hide it.

Stage 1: St.Anna
N1 = 47° 26,867 and E1 = 9° 54,687
Count the spiked golden ends of the cross on top of the chapel. The number is D. A path leading to "Quelltuff" begins on the other side of the road. Have a look on your map, there should be another path leading to the Quelltuff from the western end.

Stage 2: Viewpoint "Little Yellowstone" N2 = 47° 26,561 E2 = 9° 54,493
On this wooden platform you will find an information-tablet. There are two 2-digit numbers on it. The first digit of the first number will be C, the first digit of the second number will be G.

Stage 3: Infopoint
N3 = 47° 26,565 and E2 = 9° 54,533
Another tablet gives some informations on the former use of this area. You will find several numbers on it. Take the second digit of the first year (4digit number) as B. The very last digit that you can find in the text is E.

Stage 4: A well-renowned man
Move to N4 = 47° 26,B(D+1)(C*2) and E4 = 9° 55,B(C-1)(E)
B represents the first digit behind the comma, (D+2) the second digit and so on.
The information board is no longer legible, maybe it will tell you the name of the architect. Go to the midlle of the object and look for two boards (above your head).
Left board: The number of letters of the second word in the second line (from the top) is A
Right board: The number of letters of the very first word on the board is F

The Cache:
Ncache = 47° 26,ABC Ecache = 9° 5D,EFG
The cache is a small round lock&lock-bos, under some stones from the river
Happy Caching

© Gavriel,, CC-BY-NC-ND, as of 09/30/2016; all log entries © their authors

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameDown by the River / Unten am Fluß
Hint[2:] a leaf is drawn on the tablet [3:] drawing of the chapel is seen on the tablet [4:] in the mi
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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