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The path is broad and not very steep, but offroad-strollers are advised cause to the uneven ground littered with many rocks, ascent time from Hornstein approx. 40 minutes.

7E41DF47-2EA9-9C43-F8CD-04C5B0BE3533.jpg Close to the clearly visible TV-signalsender there is also a look-out, not listed in any map, and with no signposts pointing to it, although it is directly beside a marked hiking path.
The ascent to the platform is very steep and narrow, a rucksack should be left on the ground, to avoid getting stuck on the ladder.
The maximum allowed weight on the platform is limited to 450 kilogram. enough also for well-fed visitors, if their belly is small enough. If starting at Hornstein, a good parking place is at N 47° 52.811, E 016° 27.253 . Recommendable to be combined with the multistage Close to Summer / Eisenstadt - Sonnenberg , if enough time is available, and also various caches in / around Hornstein.

The cache is hidden in a hollow stump of a group of treestumps, under some stones and a piece of a stump. Please heap the stones again and put the stump as last item into the hole, so that the cachebox is not visible to other people.

The cache is a deep-freeze box (size 181 x 128 x 88 mm ) and initially contained:
cachenote ( please do not remove)
logbook (please do not remove)
pencil and sharpener (please do not remove)
ballpoint (please do not remove)
metal smiley
fire engine
T-Mobile X-key fob
small plastic figures

V 2.0 (new cacheplace, parking coords updated, desc changed)

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Log entries
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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameDoor to Summer II - Sonnenberg (reloaded)
HintFrom the cache the platform is at a bearing of 330° and the Sender at a bearing of 110°
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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