This cache is located close to the Sommerthörl Pass 1644m above sea level, connecting the Pölstal with the Murtal.
Highest point is close to 1930 metres. The path is most times gravel or hardpacked dirt, the upper part contains some steep parts. Hardcore bikers should be able to bike to the top.Under good weather conditions you have a fantastic view to the Seckauer Alps.

The cache can be easy completed by adults and children in 2-3 hours time as circular hike. But it can also be the start of a highalpine hike, visiting 5 or more summits well over 2000 metres (Lahneck, Glaneck, Kesseleck, Amach Kogel, Gams Kogel, Sonntag Kogel, Pletzen, Grosser Ring Kogel). A good parking place is at N 47° 17,268' E 14° 33,000' . The location can be reached either from Judenburg - Möderbrugg - St. Oswald - direction Gaal or from Knittelfeld - Gaal - direction Sommerthörl, or by feet / by bicycle.

Attention: The area is almost high alpine, you have to expect a quick and unexpected change of weather conditions. You should have warm clothes and adequate rainwear with you.

Stage 1: Heaven is near

N 47° 17,909'
E 14° 33,379'

You are at a consecrated location. The number of wooden runs (Sprossen) at the bell tower (visible from outside) is called A, the number of wooden crosses (X) of the pulpit is called B. The given coordinates should only serve as starting point, the building has to be orbited for counting.
Playful natures could also ring the bell.
Attention: Please don't leave any burning candles when leaving, to avoid the danger of fire hazards !

Stage 2: Over the Top

N2 = N1 - 2*(A*B) - 7
E2 = E1 - 23*A - 2*B - 1

All around the area goes downhill, but nobody wonders at it, under good weather conditions you have a breathtaking view in all directions, Seckauer Alps, Valley of Pöls, Valley of Mur, whatever you like.
The erection date of the cross is called C1, the date of renovation is called C2.
The result of C2 - C1 is called C.

Cache: Close to the Top

N3 = N2 + C - 1
E3 = E2 - ( C + 7 ) / 2

The cache is hidden under a heap of stones. Please use enough stones when hiding it again, so that it is save and not visible.

As this cache is also listed at, please log there as well.

The cache is a deep-freeze box and initially contained:

cachenote ( please do not remove)
logbook (please do not remove)
pencil and sharpener (please do not remove)
ballpoint (please do not remove)
fish stickers
photo key fob
surprise-egg gargoyle
dolphin flubber
red sports car (just a model :))

V 1.0 (original version)
V 1.1 (relocated cache, new cache formula, changed description & photos)

© bevema,, CC-BY-NC-ND, as of 08/24/2016; all log entries © their authors

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameDoor into Summer
Hint[1] B = pulpit outside with ladder [2] Base
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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