St.Veit's "home mountain" is the Speikboden, 2660m/8720ft, crowned by an impressive summit cross. But just a little way further rises the Donnerstein ("Thunder rock") which is a few dozend meters higher.

The easiest way there is to drive up to "Speikbodenhütte" (food and drink here, 2100m/6880ft) where you can (and are allowed to) park your car. Then you can hike via the Speikboden summit. There also is a direct ascend from St.Veit, which probably is quite exhausting, as will be any way up from the Virgen valley.
The way has a short passage where you may need your hands in addition to your feet to pass, and the last part of the way, over to the Donnerstein, leads across a quite steep mountain side. Therefore you should be a little sure-footed.
I strongly recommend to do this hike at good visibility conditions, because the view is breathtaking: The glaciers of the Hohe Tauern range with Großvenediger and Großglockner, the Defregger range, the Hochgall, the rest of the Lasörling range and with real good conditions even a few of the Dolomites make up a gorgeous panorama.

The cache is a 850ml plastic box. As usual, please trade fair or not at all, and hide it well afterwards.

- It is not necessary to do risky stunts over dangerous drops near the cache! When in doubt, search the harmless side!
- In winter, the cache will be virtually impossible to reach and find.
- No mountain bikes allowed around here.

Have Fun!

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameDonnerstein
HintIn a crevice behind some rocks
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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