From the mysterious narrations of the woman called B:
It was a foggy septemberevening as B. is heading towards east in direction to Lourdes.
After some meters she meet someone , Josef he was called. He talk to here friendly: 'You see the number to the left and the right from me? Keep this number A for your further way...'

Some more he told her . Of speaking metallic messenger, walls, water, bridges...B. followed confused the further way..

. A first group of mute metallic messengers refused each information. ' 2 times the water falls over the wall - pay attention then to the messengers. Awitz his name - a number he brings to you. The first and last number take as BC '

And really -unexpected a messenger of the 2.wave recognize itself as Awitz - did these wondrous things seem to really happen?

Nervous she followed further the way uphill. After the large wall it should be... a bridge should come in view . Far still to see but ..

Here also some metallic messengers- seems to hold back something. 'VAK' unexpectedly one from them spoke to her -followed by the number 'DE'

She now fulfill Josefs advise - and proceed to the told place. And truely she found somewhat there... because as it was reported afterwards -she seems changed from this moment on .....full of joy - and often spoke about this wondrous meeting.

Here Josefs words: 'Take BC and add B - pull this off from A and call it North' Out of DE form now east: DE * D -E - ED - (E+D) - E'.

N47 52.North E013 26.East


© npg,, CC-BY-NC-ND, as of 09/08/2016; all log entries © their authors

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameDas Wunder von Lourdes
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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