Hello, i'm Neacal,and lead you trough the feyshnagh -examination.

Start your Quest here - 300m to north you find enough place for your vehicles.
May the ghosts be with you ! Nearby you should also find official plans of your journey
By the sea you can praise to the gods for a successful feyshnagh!

Now on th the examination:


Up across station 1 - to task 1: Long time ago ships bring sat to the danube. Takea a prise of salt -maybe you have to pay with silvercoins (Silbermünzen) in C (count letters of location)
Romans! Yes, Julius Caesar get rich during his war against us. Oh...who cries out so loud ' 'Lasst sie mir !!Lasst sie mir!!'...its E (count letters)
Further up the way!


Find the Ants? However, the caterpillar will watch you. Only few are designated to become one of the big leaders: Can you sove the task by the Ants? (Pull the caterpillar) Then you one of this leaders.
If -or if not, up to the next question: You find here L (Length-)bars that you have to cross, without falling into the deep....

So, someone remains? At the Baumhoroskop (tree-horoscope) maybe you find your real talent (or the hoeoscope ..). And remember the tree of Phantasie- you need him later!

There,some meters further, something to relax- Don't anger,noe Kankra awaits you here! Count the sheeps and take as T...


AWAKING! You not here to sleep!

Next to the place, also known as 'Platzerl wunderschön'- here you can relax and prepare for the bridge...


(At the bridge): So, those who become leaders can delegate... But we need also audacious fighters!
You have to catch a (virtuell) opponent. Nofearix, Recordholder here, tell you how to proceed:

'Äh,Hi folks. Hmm,thats so: Fearless in highspeed you drive down to the deep- with a real warriorroar you enter the opposit hill - jump down into the blue, make a salto at the end and run fast up to the right. There's a watchtower, up the bar to the other tower - without holding the line - and without falling!

From there bear against north - and head on 130 meters near the ruin - there you find a Gutschein I for your work! . Clearly all without any rest or mistake - we are no roman touristclub!'

For sure, the upcomming warriors will do here well- but can they succed at the following treequiz ?


Remenber the Phantasie? Order each parts of this tree, count from the left side .Summ up these numbers to F - each of the 4 rows starts with 1!


Now down the way. Maybe the oven had some fire on..- oh the house is closed.
It has U windows.
Some meters more down the way....No leader,fighter ? Maybe a worker : The writing means:'A life for the state'
Here are 6 questions: Answer the last (the right one). . The answer be R (the higher one). Nearby you can watch a whole state working!
Now 300m -direction northand you reach the last task.


Finally something for your senses, maybe you are a Bard? On the boxes with the laughing faces use the one far right one: Smells like? Number of letters be
O(for the german word/for the english word L=letters-2)
. Now listen to the sound of the wind..., how many A pipes give him the voice .

Dedor - it's done.
A real Celtus,now know his further way to the Tashtey at

N47 56. C*E*L+T+I*C+C and E013 27. F*U*R*O+R*A*A+25

The others follow me to this wheel....Push hard,and concentrate, more .. more ....amnesia..

© npg,, CC-BY-NC-ND, as of 09/07/2016; all log entries © their authors

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameCeltic Furor Tashtey
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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