The Bedlam Theatre is a neo-gothic church and is the largest student-run theatre in the UK. The name 'Bedlam Theatre' came as a reference to the nearby former mental health hospital, where poet Robert Fergusson died in 1774.

The church finished construction in 1848 and was designed by Thomas Hamiliton who is buried at the Old Calton Burial Ground. It was consencrated as the New North Free Church, and was part of the Free Church of Scotland until 1937. Between 1957 and 1975 it operated as the University of Edinburgh's Chaplaincy until they moved into the Potterrow building where it is located today. The current residents, the Edinburgh University Theatre Company, gained the building in 1980 and converted it into the theatre it is today.

This cache was placed with permission from Bedlam Theatre and it should be fully reachable from outside the fence. Be wary of muggles and other onlookers as it is still central Edinburgh. Inside there is a large logbook and a couple of pens with plenty of space for swappables and the sort.

This geocache description comes from the Opencache.UK site.

Log entries
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25.07.2022 (25.07.2022)
Cache nameBedlam Theatre
HintThis may shock you...
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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