The complete way is 6,8 km. Consider, you are in a landscape reserve. Dogs to the cord and on the ways remain. The cache is suitable for pedestrians and cyclists. 
Start (=parking area): N47°51.331  E010°38.661 
You find a wooden panel with a bear and sail at a gate here on this.
Quantity of sails = A = _
Stage 1: N47°51.331  E010°38.678
It stands written on the shield.
In the alphabet at wich place the second to the last letter is. = B = _
Stage 2: N47°50.973  E010°38.765
A big plant watches here over the meadows. The name of the plant?
Quantity of letters of "e" = C = _ 
Stage 3: N47°50.853  E010°38.933
Here is a good picnic place. See the Alps panorama in fine weather over the lake. 
How heavily may one be maximum to be allowed to there over here? = D= _ _ 
Stage 4: N47°50.192  E010°39.083
Watch the variousness of the bird world in this place. (not forgetting field glasses)
There you see "left - on the top" a bird of prey.
Quantity of letters = E = _
XXX = A * C * D - B * E + C * C
YYY = A * D * E - ( B * E + C * B )
 Cache = N47°51.XXX   E010°38-YYY 
Good luck when hunting
ans searching,

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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameBachtelsee
HintOnly the last meters of the way to the final, go left and follow a little track. Under a moss overgr
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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