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There were once upon a time when the maid marian and the boy Jonathan falling deeply in love one to another.

However Marians father - a rich dealer -had other plans for his daughter than this poor craftsman. A son from noble houseshould should merry her on the upcoming weekend.

' Nobody has to separate us -in the forest lives a fairy, which surely can help us.' Marian spoke.

So they creep out in the eve of the wedding in southwestern direction. A last look back to the A visible crosses and towers with symbols - short before the church disappeared from their point of view. They followed first the side street, and then the path to N48 00.030/E013 42,135 -the place from where they appreciated help.

Soon they reached the edge of the forest  . To the left side there was a stony house shut  with a iron gate. Under the iron raiiling there are 2 short words - beginning wit th B- and ending with the C-Letter of the alpabeth.

They soon passed a hunter seat - also from here they could look back in anger , and sea again the A symbols on top of the church. Will they have already noticed the escape?

A woman bent by age came to meet them at the chapel: ' You looked so depressed, have probably large grief.'

'Since our childhood we know that we belong together. They will separate us tomorrow,but some prophecy says you can help us' - ' Oh, I can tell you only the way to the treefairy - however you must be sure never to return under the people '

Only short silence, then both as from one mouth ', We belong Together '

Quietly murmuring the woman spoke:

From the lock take the number 1+3
blending together -number D thus will be

escaped the Hunters gun with a grin
so from B+C now E we will win

Finally something of the deer antlers comes in sight
the one with even number of F points is the right

Go now to that places -an intimate Zone
N 47 59.
D (E+B) B and E 013 41.(A-C) (F-E) F

There you firmly hold another at your hands
so the treefairy is helping -then all good ends'

sayed and disappeared.

Silent, like in Trance they followed the ways up to the mentioned place. Dog barks far away- the search has begun.Would they find the Fairy -and could she really help?
Arrived at the place ,they hold each other firmly on their hands, and waiting the things to come.

. Sheet-rush, the wind blows something on...... At one time a tender, strangely seeming shape appears as walking on the wind .
'You look for the Treefairy ?'
'Yes, are you the Fairy - can you help us?'

'One call me the treefairy. I know your case, the forest has no secrets to me. Are you secure? - it's your decision: Stay , or you decide to go back... '

Long silence, deeply they look themselves them into the eyes :'Together Forever' -

' You can leave a last message here-only visible for those which really believe in you. '
Quiet, inaudibly for others, she spoke and gesticulated towards the couple. Then she slowely disappear trough the wind...
Voices,dogbarking -the chasers arrive . But free of all sorrows -intimately holding each other -Marian and Jonathan went along the path , until they seem to disappear in the woods....

Shortly the wind freshes up, no sight for the hunters - then again sunshine. but nobody found any further trace....

...does the last message really exist? Some told it, some will have seen them ..its only a fairytale....

© npg,, CC-BY-NC-ND, as of 09/14/2016; all log entries © their authors

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    ]145.750MHz T123 -060Mandi=
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12.10.2016 (12.10.2016)
Cache nameA Fairytale
Hint[Following the way near the cache further leads back to the Start] [Check for A] same as F-B+C
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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