One also calls him the "Loreley of the Eder valley", the steep rock which stands between Schmittlotheim and church plumb line home about one hundred and thirty meters over the Eder. Because of his marvelous valley look he is a popular destination of the outing with natives and guests. Steep rock faces about 125 meters highly get off the Eder valley between Schmittlotheim and church plumb line home to the popular destination of the outing up grove stone. The hiker from Schmittlotheim or church plumb line home reaches the ,, Loreley of the Eder valley " in half an hour on woodland paths rising gently. In the past, the park-like place was framed and protected by a sprucewood hedge to to the steep slope. Benches invite to resting. At first the hiker will enjoy the marvelous valley look. The motor traffic rinses depression under him off past on the federal road 252 on the railway route Marburg -- Warburg rolled the steam engine trains earlier. On the Eder canoeists paddle to, the Eder lake which starts at the iron measuring bridge under the grove stone. The roofs of Schmittlotheim shine in the counter-light in the west and one quite far espies the tower of St. Mary's Church of Frankenberg at the horizon. Ederabwärts church plumb line home is located in the full sun, the court "gold field" greets over here and one hears the hurly-burly of the camping site Herzhausen.
Rest see: % FCrdigkeiten/frame Hagenstein.htm .

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Cache nameUrwaldsteig - Hagenstein
TerrainHandicapped accessible
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