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DMR       OE6XAR       SCHÖNBERGKOPF              QRG: 438.425 Mc -7.6 Mc​D-Star    OE6XAR       SCHÖNBERGKOPF              ​QRG: 438.075 Mc -7.6 Mc​APRS      OE6XAR       SCHÖNBERGKOPF              ​QRG: 144.800 Mc​HamNet, Wetterstation                           webcam   =
Gridsquare: JN77EG52ET, Latitude: 47.261667, Longitude: 14.376500
Cache Type: APRS, Difficulty: Easy, Terrain: Suitable for small children
This WeatherStation is build with a Raspberry Pi 1 and a RTL2838UHIDIR SDR USB stick to operate as RX only iGate. It uses a modified fowsr version to get the weather data from a WX-2008 weahter station per USB. This modified version of fowsr provides the needed Json formatted weather data for the i…
Gridsquare: JN76GO86PU, Latitude: 46.611833, Longitude: 14.572167
Cache Type: APRS, Difficulty: Easy, Terrain: Handicapped accessible

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